About Us

The story of SitByMeMe started shortly after my husband and I had our first child. As many new parents, we suddenly found ourselves spending most of our time on the floor – playing and cuddling with our new little princess.

As hardwood floors can be uninviting at times, we started exploring options that could help encourage family time on the floor. We wanted something comfortable enough that the whole family could spend time together on the floor, something flexible enough that it could be moved around to wherever it was needed and equally important something that would fit into the rest of our home interior.

With SitByMeMe we aim to share our joy of good design while also promoting playfulness. These play mattresses works great for our family and we move them around constantly to cater for different situations – whether for reading a book in the kitchen, practicing somersaults in the living room or building a home-made obstacle course in the hallway.

I sincerely hope that you and your family will enjoy our products.

Best regards, Mette