SitByMeMe playmattresses with little fault

We had one delivery from the factory where the fabric with the citymap was cut sligtly wrong (see picture below). Functionality, quality etc. is exactly the same. The only thing is that the MeMe Town sign is cut off slightly in one end and there is a bit of extra road in the other end. Despite, I am sure all our little people will still fully benefit from all the features a SitByMeMe mattress has.

Because off this little fault we won’t sell them for full price as it is not fair too you, and it is not fair too the environment to throw them away. Hence, we sell these play mattresses at HALF PRICE. For Euro 50 only (plus 5 Euro freight). Hurry to make sure to get a SitByMeMe playmattress for a very attractive price - luckily there was only one faulty delivery.